People Inspired By Taylor


Adam C. Martin is the lead singer and songwriter for the southern rock band, Blackbird Anthem.  A U.S. Army combat veteran and former law enforcement officer, Adam has made a career serving his nation and her people.  After returning home from Iraq in 2004, like many other veterans, Adam struggled with reintegration back into civilian life.  At the suggestion of a counselor to learn to play an instrument, Adam borrowed a guitar and taught himself to play by watching YouTube videos.  Singing and writing followed shortly thereafter and in 2013 Adam began playing local venues.  He formed Blackbird Anthem in 2015 and released the EP “Stories I’ve Never Told” in 2016.  Adam has performed across the United States and regularly plays for veterans and veteran support organizations.   He is a proud supporter of the Lone Survivor Foundation, Special Operations Wounded Warrior, Special Operations Charity Network, the Veteran Suicide Prevention Project, and many veteran owned companies.  Blackbird Anthem’s second album, “Southern Ground” will release in February 2018.




Sydney Martin is a young patriot with an angelic voice.  A self-taught singer and ukulele player, she sings with the praise and worship team at her church and occasionally with her father, Adam.  Sydney is currently completing high school and a collegiate level medical program at the same time. 


Drew King was born and raised in Geneva, Ohio, not far from Lake Erie and part of Ohio’s wine country. While he always had an affinity for historic movies from an early age, it wasn’t until he saw the movie “Gettysburg” while in middle school did his love for history blossom.

Drew consumed as much as he could on the American Civil War. As he grew older that curiosity grew beyond the Civil War into other military history as well, including both World Wars, the Revolutionary war, and many others. While attending Kent State Drew took as many history courses as possible, earning a BA of Integrated Studies, with a focus on history. His Senior Project was a paper on the roll of battleships during World War 2.  This love of history also grew into a deep appreciation of our countries armed forces, and the men and women who have sacrificed so much to maintain our freedom.

Mr. King is currently a member of the Civil War Preservation Trust, and was a reenactor. He is also an avid gamer, including the Axis and Allies series of games, and has supported several local and national veteran programs. The following of several veterans on Facebook and their businesses had lead me with Sarah. We quickly established a friendship in shared interests even though we live on opposite sides of the country. While I was visiting Virginia, doing my own personal history tour, Sarah approached me to be part of the Taylor Strong Project. I am deeply humbled and thankful to her for allowing me to be part of #TaysLegacy and look forward to spreading the joy of history with all of you!